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Trace-in-Metal has now been installed at numerous premises across the country

A Message to Metal Recyclers

Trace-in-Metal is actively protecting lead roofs and other heritage assets and we just wanted to let you to know that once lead is marked with Trace-in-Metal, it stays marked forever!

The markers will even survive smelting and can be traced back to source.

Help your community get rid of these criminals by joining us !

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The Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013 requires metal recyclers to record information about received metal including 'any marks identifying previous owners or other distinguishing features.'  Trace-in-Metal makes it easy to distinguish between metal that has been stolen and that which has been lawfully acquired by adding distinguishing marks to metal, including heritage metal.

Microdots are supplied suspended in a selection of lacquers, each tailored for various applications with some also containing UV dye.

Finding where thousands of microdots have been applied is a simple case of using a UV torch which will highlight marked areas.

That is not the whole story, because a unique feature of the Trace-in-Metal system is that thousands more microdots will have been deployed onto the asset using non-UV lacquers. These remain with the assets and can still be discovered and traced back to source.  

Once found, the microdots can easily be read using a simple, inexpensive magnifier such as the one pictured.

Other metals, including lead are infused with microdot markers, and these markers also carry unique codes that relate to locations and will prove ownership. 

Please contact us​ to become part of the Trace-In-Metal detector network. As a member you will receive a UV torch and weather resistant signage warning visitors to your site that you do not accept stolen metal.

You will also receive prompt notification via email or SMS if marked metal has been stolen in your neighbourhood, let us work together in reducing metal theft. 

Thank you. 

John Minary. Trace-in-Metal Ltd.