About Us


Our vision is to become the 'go too' company for products that will prevent the theft of metal by making stolen metal....to hot too handle!

Our strength is our people and by recognising the wider impact of metal theft we are committed to using our technical expertise to help communities and partners to reduce this crime. Our experts have over 60 years of hands on experieince in fighting crime, including metal theft.

We recognise that the benefits connected to stopping metal theft are social and cultural as well as economic and these provide the motivation to deliver solutions that are unique and sustainable and really do prevent metal theft. 


Trace-in-Metal Ltd was formed in 2012 as a coming together of technical expertise to address an ongoing problem that was impacting heritage buildings in the UK. Lead was being stolen from faith and educational buildings, and this was having long lasting effects on the wider communities that relied on these buildings.

The four founders of the company, who were all experts in their own fields set about problem solving what had been an age old problem. Having the opportunity to look at the issues with a blank canvas, the team soon recognised that the common driver behind this global crime was the unscrupulous dealer, those willing to buy stolen metal for cash.

The four founders set about designing a system that would provide traceability of the metal throughout the recycling food chain, and they invented a method of infusing existing metal with microdot markers that survived the temperatures used in recycling metal. Extensive bench testing was followed by successfully recovering multiple markers from a commercial vat of molten lead.

The Trace-in-Metal team prides itself in constant attention to detail and adopting a standards based approach to the development of its product range. The team have recently been awarded an Innovate UK Grant which will allow continued improvement of the lead solution.

Further developments have included the design of the Trace-in-Metal registry, which allows vital police evidence to be produced should any marked asset be stolen, as well as a unique E.alert system which forewarns scrap metal dealers of any thefts involving Trace-in-Metal marked metal. By building what is in effect a social media cocoon around each installation, Trace-in-Metal really does make stolen metal….too hot to handle!

Our Values:

We recognise that our success is built upon the partnerships that we form. To be able to build stable, long lasting relationships we must value our own people and empower them to design and deliver our unique solutions. This requires continuing self-development and training. The only way that our company will grow is by investing in our people and empowering them to invest their strengths into the partnerships that we form.

Whilst we are young, we have committed to ensuring that our information is secured to ISO27001 and that our metals registry is secured to the highest standards. We have in place the foundations for building the company processes to ISO9001. We are also committed to ensuring that our products achieve the UK police flagship standard of being Secured by Design.

We value diversity and will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour from our people. We will not involve ourselves in agreements that do not comply with the highest ethical standards. We will do all we can to minimise our impact on the environment. We operate with complete honesty and integrity in everything that we do and we expect nothing less from those that we work with.

We embrace the trust given to us by our shareholders and we know that the best method in which we can repay this is by growing the company in a way that embraces our values, as this will allow us to design and sell our unique products in a sustainable way.

Please take time to find out more about the Trace-in-Metal team by visiting our Team page. We would love to hear from you to explain what we bring to the fight against the scourge that is metal theft.

Trace-in-Metal - together making stolen metal to hot too handle !