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English Heritage policy is to replace like with like and to retain lead on roofs wherever possible. Historic Scotland and Cadw operate along similar guidelines. Lead is a material used over centuries on historic buildings, it is a major feature of their construction and contributes to their local (and national) significance. A beautiful lead roof not only protects the building and its interior but also impacts visually on local surroundings and plays a vital part in the significance placed on the 14,500 places of worship in England that have been listed as Grade I, II or II*.

Being an installer you will know that lead is 100% recyclable, that 95% of all manufactured lead is recycled, that it has the lowest carbon footprint of all metals and lasts three times longer than other man-made roof coverings. As an installer of lead roofs and fittings you can play an important part in keeping this heritage material on our roofs by offering your clients the protection of Trace-in-Metal on both new and historic lead.

We use a standards based approach to training and to ensure that an installation is carried out to our specifications use professionals approved by the Lead Contractors Association*

Please contact us for information on how to become an approved installer or a Trace-in-Metal reseller and to discuss the attractive packages that we offer.

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* Some end users elect to use non LCA members.


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