Circulation to all Scrap Metal Dealers  14th January 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to bring to your attention the theft of a large quantity of Lead from the roof of All Saints Church, Ripley, North Yorkshire. Overnight on 9th/10th January thieves attacked this beautiful, Grade II listed church which dates back to the 14th century. 

The criminals stole lead measuring approximately 5m x 5m. During the course of the theft they caused extensive damage to the stone parapet on the roof. The costs to repair the damage could run into tens of thousands of pounds. The lead which was stolen is marked with SmartWater.

The church asks that Scrap Metal Dealers are aware of this theft when offered lead for sale.  North Yorkshire Police are investigating this crime.

Trace-in-Metal Ltd would like to raise awareness across the recycling industry of Trace-in-Metal products being used to mark a variety of metals, but specifically lead and copper.  

There are a number of church roofs and heritage buildings throughout  England where the lead is indelibly marked with thousands of Trace-in-Metal coded microdots which survive the temperatures used to recycle lead and will trace stolen lead back to the crime scene. These microdots are both painted onto the surface of the lead and covertly infused into the lead sheet itself. It is stressed that these markers will survive extreme heat and can still be recovered and traced back to source. The presence of these markers can be found by simply using a UV torch. 

We are inviting registered Scrap Metal Dealers to sign up to become Trace-in-Metal Detectors, a scheme which includes stolen metal alerts. We want buildings and assets that are Trace-in-Metal marked to remain intact, in place, doing the job that they should be doing. We also want to provide you with the tools and capability to identify metals that have been stolen in order to stop these pernicious crimes from taking place. 

Please see the attached brochure which explains Trace-in-Metal in more detail. If you require any more information regarding Trace-in-Metal and the Detector scheme, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Yours faithfully,

John Barr

An information sheet regarding Trace-in-Metal Lead protection system can be found here