Creating a metal theft deterrent: going all the way

Metal theft is nothing new, for years the roofs of churches and other historic buildings have fallen prey to 'urban miners'. Those willing to climb onto these buildings, often in isolated positions to steal lead sheet, which they have turned into a bit of cash at their local scrap metal dealers. ​

More recently though, we have seen the scale of this offending change to one of epidemic proportions, where serious and organised crime groups have been travelling some distances to rip whole roofs of our most precious buildings. The impact of this crime wave has been felt across communities up and down the land. Whole communities have suffered not only the financial costs of replacing lead, but also emotional costs in living with the loss of important amenities. These are far from victimless crimes.

Fortunately, the signs are that lead theft has been falling recently, along with thefts of other metals. Actions on a number of fronts including Operation Tornado, and the strong response of courts in sentencing those convicted of metal theft and the government's newly revised Scrap Metal Dealers Act are all contributing to bringing down the incidence of this crime.

However, metals such as lead, are still at high risk of theft especially on isolated buildings such as churches and at other heritage sites. This lead needs protecting. The scourge of metal theft has not gone away.

Protecting metal that is at risk using a marking system needs to have resilience throughout the metal's recycling processes to work. Trace-in-Metal for the very first time delivers a very high level of protection. By infusing 1000's of microdots into existing lead structures, the metal become's indelibly marked, and those markers survive the heat of the lead foundry, and can still be recovered and traced back to source.

It is a new and unique system which also provides the honest, licensed Scrap Metal Dealer with the way to detect stolen lead. This is something completely new for them. It allows them to refuse to buy stolen metal from thief or the unscrupulous dealer who is still willing to risk all by fueling lead theft. In essesnce, Trace-in-Metal removes the market for stolen lead.

The message to Scrap Metal Dealers is now short and clear:

"Don't buy Trace-in-Metal marked metal, you won't be able to sell it!"

"Together we can keep lead where it belongs, on the roof"

Trace-in-Metal Managing Director, John Minary.