80% fall in metal thefts in Hull praised by Trace-in-Metal

HULL POLICE have made encouraging headway in the fight against metal thieves with reported cases quoted as being significantly reduced in 2013.

Police enforcement officers at Hull have worked closely with local governing bodies and scrap metal dealers to tighten their grip on the crime.

From the beginning of October, under the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act, like other local authorities, Hull City Council is responsible for licensing the scrap metal industry, with police also having powers to to recommend that rogue or negligent dealers be closed down.

“A good result for Hull.” commented John Minary, ex-Senior Detective and founder director of Trace-in-Metal. “Let's keep it that way.” He told the Lead Bulletin that he was impressed with the pro-active intelligence-lead police work that was behind the news. “However, many of my ex-colleagues agree that the battle to overcome metal theft is far from won and broader steps need to be taken to ensure that the gains are consolidated and a potential upturn kept at bay.”

Trace-in-Metal have been focusing on installing in Humberside as a key region in their campaign to mark low-lying lead structures with their unique and innovative marking system which survives melting. This allows police and dealers to trace the source of stolen metals using simple equipment

“We are there to support scrap metal dealers.” said Minary. “The recycling industry has been damaged by the few unscrupulous operators and they need to be identified. Scrap metal dealers needing advice or assistance in preventing stolen metal from coming through their gates are welcome to contact us. The tools are there — but they need to be used!”