Forensic Evidence Connects Birmingham Man to £40,000 Lead Thefts in Norfolk

The importance of key forensic evidence is once again highlighted by the arrest and charging of 23-year-old Marian Christain Nitu, who appeared at Norwich Crown Court in February.

Nitu has been charged with the theft of lead with a value between £20,000 and £40,000 from two churches at St Peter’s Church in Guestwick and All Saints’ Church Thwaite Hill, Alby. (Pictured:James Buchen). These offences were committed in 2014 and 2015. Norfolk has suffered considerably from Lead theft in recent months as has Suffolk, and a full story regarding these offences is elsewhere on these news pages.

At a previous hearing, the court was told that Nitu had originally been arrested for a separate offence in Staffordshire. DNA evidence linking Nitu was found at the scenes of the Norfolk offences and Nitu pleaded guilty to the charges. The case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports until March 29th when he will be sentenced.

Trace-in-Metal microdots protect lead on church roofs by indelibly marking the lead with tiny coded microdots which can survive the temperatures and processes used in recycling the metal. (Pictured). This provides extremely strong Forensic Evidence that links both the thief and the dishonest receiver of the stolen lead with the Crime Scene.

Said Trace-in-Metal Managing Director, John Minary, “We continue to provide key forensic evidence to the police and law enforcement, our traceability lasts throughout the recycling ‘food chain’ and will help catch and convict those intent on stealing our valuable metals. We make stolen metal…..too hot to handle!”