Trace-in-Metal Ltd hit the right notes at the Forensic Science Technology Showcase 2016

On 20th October 2016 the Knowledge Transfer Network in conjunction with Innovate UK held the Forensic Science Technology Showcase 2016 at the Grange Holborn Hotel. 

Trace-in-Metal Ltd were delighted to be invited to this prestigious event and to be in the esteemed company of many other organisations presenting exciting, hi-tech products in the field of Forensic investigation.

The opening address was delivered by the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Sir Mark Walport who is the Head of the Government Office of Science and also Co-Chair of the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology.

Sir Mark provided a very interesting discourse on the interface between Science, the Police and the Judiciary.  As former senior detectives and a Scientist, the Trace-in-Metal delegation could relate strongly to Sir Mark’s assertions.

However, extremely encouraging were several areas where Sir Mark could have been quoting from the Trace-in-Metal Ltd  ‘handbook’:- 

  1. The use of science to deter criminals in the first instance;
  2. Making property less valuable when stolen;
  3. New ways to link a person to a place; and
  4. Using Forensic evidence to deter crime.

Trace-in-Metal MD, John Minary gave an energetic ‘two minute pitch’ to the delegates which outlined the strengths of the Trace-in-Metal theft prevention system and how it builds on partnerships and strengthens communities.

The pitch was very well received and encouraged many of the delegates to visit the Trace-in-Metal stand where more detailed demonstrations of the Trace-in-Metal system were given.

The Trace-in-Metal contingent all shared the opinion that this was an interesting, valuable event to attend and ‘showcase’ our product and how it can be used as a proactive tool which prevents metal theft from taking place.

Said Trace-in-Metal MD John Minary, “We are delighted to showcase the strengths of Trace-in-Metal at this year’s Forensic Science event. This provides our partners with the opportunity to understand how our system can help them in their roles within the Forensic Science community.”

He continued, “It is very reassuring when at the cutting edge of technology, that others involved in developing high tech solutions that fight crime are so supportive and eager to learn more regarding how we fight metal theft.”