The Sir John Moore Foundation situated in a grade I listed building, dating from the last quarter of the 17th century, had irreplaceable lead down pipes and brackets stolen in July 2014. Trace-in-Metal was called in and the new lead was permanently marked by infusing 1000’s of heat resistant microdots into the metal. Installing Trace-in-Metal's resilient marking system that protects the lead throughout the metal recycling ‘food-chain’ meant that this recyclable and ecological material, so important in maintaining the significance and visual integrity of historic buildings, could be used to replace the stolen down pipes. 

The Leicestershire School was founded by Sir John Moore, a philanthropist who had made his fortune by selling lead from the Derbyshire dales to cover the roofs of the buildings of London. Moore had worked with Wren, and the irony of protecting the lead on the school he founded was not lost on the Trace-in-Metal team.

Sales Director Paul Batty is pictured handing over the Trace-in-Metal installation pack, including deterrent signage to Sir John Moore Foundation Director Deana Wildgoose.

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