Warning over theft of scrap metal

POLICE are warning people in Lincolnshire to be extra vigilant following reports of the theft of scrap metal from a local farm. Lincolnshire Police are calling for farm owners to be on the look out for a white van that is believed to be linked to the theft.

PCSO Rob Ovington of Wainfleet NPT is asking locals to be aware after a white Ford Transit Van high top, with the registration of NL54KMO, which is believed to have entered the Lincolnshire area and is thought to have been involved in the theft of scrap from farms.

Anyone with information should contact PCSO Ovington by email at Robert.Ovington@lincs.pnn.police.uk and quote incident 77-25-04-2017

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Lincolnshire is one of the trial areas for the installation of Trace-in-Metal forensic markers, that will withstand the temperatures used in recycling metals, including Lead and Copper. The system is aimed at reducing the value of the stolen metal, making metal 'too hot to handle' 

Said Trace-in-Metal Ltd Managing Director, John Minary, "Metal theft blights communtities and to have any value the stolen metal must be weighed in at scrap yards."

"Scrap dealers, often unwittingly, will buy stolen metal. The difficulty they have is knowing if the metal they are buying is stolen or not. Trace-in-Metal gives Scrap Metal Dealers the tools to tell whether it is stolen or not."

Trace-in-Metal is applied both covertly and overtly in a UV dye, which lights up using a simple torch. The markers will stay with the metal throughout the recycling process, and can trace the metal back to source, even after the metal has been melted down. 

Said John Minary, "We have thousands upon thousands of these heat resistent markers on buildings throughout Lincolnshire. I would warn scrap dealers to check any metals they buy, especially sheet lead. It is simply not worth the risk. If you buy stolen lead, you will not be able to sell it, and will beliable to arrest and prosecution".

"Don't get caught for a few quid, it is simply not worth it!"