The TiM Team Innovates, A Definite Catalyst to Success

The Trace-in-Metal team recently met at The Catalyst, York University Science Park, York, North Yorkshire. (Pictured)

The Trace-in-Metal team met up for an important planning day at The Catalyst, part of the exciting York University Innovation Centre, and the meeting provided the opportunity to share achievements and ideas in an ambience rich in invention.

Trace-in-Metal Ltd was formed in 2012 to develop patented technology which is aimed at indelibly marking metal, thereby making the metals traceable and therefore highly unlikely to be stolen.

This crime, which is said to cost the UK economy some £220 Million per annum, provides challenges that the UK Government has attempted to address with the introduction of legislation in the form of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. 

Metal theft impacts on communities across the UK in a number of different ways, either through power outages, delayed rail journeys, school closures, or loss of amenities, and even the theft of public art. The Trace-in-Metal system, which fires heat resilient markers into existing metal structures, provides a real and lasting deterrent which targets the market for stolen metals. 

The planning day was structured to provide a review of recent performance and the opportunity to develop and share ideas for the continued improvement of the company and the products on offer to prevent this crime. 

The Trace-in-Metal team were joined by key partners David Simister from DifferentPR and Kieran Bentham from Dataphiles who both provide key functions to the business.

Managing Director John Minary said, “This is a very important day in the Trace-in-Metal calendar. It is a day when we can get out from behind our desks and share in our successes, and continue building the strong foundations of our ever growing business.”

“We have very talented people working with us, and getting together in the University Innovation Centre provides us with a rich ambience to share ideas for where we need to take our business and our developments.”

Pictured from Left to Right: Sue Barr (Customer Service Manager), Kieran Bentham (Dataphiles), Frank Kirk (Chairman), Sian Batty (Operations Manager), John Minary (Managing Director), Anette Wahlgren (Corporate Governance & Heritage Officer), Paul Batty (Sales Director), John Barr (Police Liaison Officer), Prof. Bo Janzon (Research & Development Director)

Photo: David Simister - DifferentPR