The ongoing rise in catalytic converter theft is adding to the challenges faced by members of the Road Haulage Association (RHA). Competition from non-UK transport companies, exempt from paying UK vehicle tax, and the rise in fuel costs are putting extra strain on the transport industry which is also facing severe problems caused by catalytic converters being stolen. The time and cost associated with replacing stolen converters, the subsequent loss of trade for haulage companies and the resulting problems for businesses and individuals relying on scheduled deliveries builds a picture of the severe economic impact caused by this crime.

During a meeting with Chrys Rampley, Manager Infrastructure and Security at RHA, Trace-in-Metal directors John Minary and Paul Batty demonstrated the advantages of the Trace-in-Metal metal theft deterrent system. The TiM team appreciated being given the opportunity to meet with Chrys Rampley and the RHA and John Minary said after the meting “We are able to show the benefits of the Trace-in-Metal technology which involves indelibly marking catalytic converters making it possible to trace stolen catalytic converters back to vehicles and haulage companies.”

With Christmas fast approaching, fleet owners in the distribution and delivery sector are particularly at risk of this crime. The theft of these units can cause considerable difficulties with loss of use of the vehicles causing huge penalties in missing delivery deadlines and having additional costs of hiring additional vehicles.