Trace-in-Metal is now installed at premises across the country

A Message to Metal Recyclers

Trace-in-Metal is actively protecting lead roofs and other heritage assets and we just wanted to let you to know that once lead is marked with Trace-in-Metal, it stays marked forever!

The markers will even survive the melt and can be traced back to source.

Don’t get caught out for a few quid, it’s just not worth the risk!

Metal theft is nothing new, for years the roofs of churches and other historic buildings have fallen prey to 'urban miners', opportunists willing to climb onto these buildings, often in isolated positions to steal lead sheet, which they weighed in for a bit of cash.

Times have changed, and we have seen the scale of this offending change to one of epidemic proportions, where Serious and Organised Crime Groups have been travelling some distances to rip whole roofs off Churches and other buildings. Whole communities have suffered not only the financial costs of replacing lead, but also costs with children not being able to go to school or the elderly and frail loosing vital amenities. These are far from victimless crimes.

Trace-in-Metal for the very first time delivers a very high level of protection by infusing 1000's of microdots into existing lead structures, the lead becomes indelibly marked, and those markers survive the heat of the lead foundry, and can still be recovered and traced back to source.

Trace-in-Metal is a new and unique system which provides honest, licensed Scrap Metal Dealers with the means to detect stolen lead. It provides you with the means of knowing if it is stolen or not. Trace-in-Metal makes lead traceable throughout the recycling process; it removes the market for stolen lead.

Because we know when and where Trace-in-Metal marked lead was stolen, if you are found in possession of Trace-in-Metal marked lead, it will link you directly to the scene of the theft. The Trace-in-Metal system also potentially provides the police with other forensic opportunities. It really is not worth the risk!

Trace-in-Metal will automatically send alert messages to all metal recyclers in the area following the theft of Trace-in-Metal marked lead. We also send a similar alert message to the police and local authorities because we want to keep lead where it belongs, ‘on the roof’

If you would like to know more about how you can avoid buying Trace-in-Metal marked lead and become a Trace-in-Metal Approved Detector, all you have to do is visit the web site at or email or give us a call on 0330 2233 014 to speak with a member of the Trace-in-Metal team.