The unique and step-changing Trace-in-Metal technology, used to indelibly mark lead at Ripley castle, is a Yorkshire based invention that utilises Swedish innovation and ballistics expertise.

The national launch of the company held at Ripley Castle, near Harrogate, was attended by its owner Sir Thomas Ingilby, Bt who runs the Stately Homes Hotline which correlates and disseminates security intelligence to over 1500 UK heritage properties.

Sir Thomas said “Lead theft is a constant source of concern to every owner of a historic building, be they stately homes, boarding schools, public buildings or churches. Trace-in-Metal is a very clever answer to an old problem, and one I’m sure that will be looked at seriously by the owners of historic buildings up and down the country.”

John Minary, Managing Director of Trace-in-Metal added “ By working in parallel with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013 Trace-in-Metal provides much needed traceability of the metals, which will help the legitimate dealers to refuse to buy stolen metals. With resourcing being an on-going problem for police forces, anything that helps in preventing crime and saving police time must be welcomed.”

Trace-in-Metal Sales Director Paul Batty hands over the Trace-in-Metal installation pack and signage to Sir Thomas Ingilby, Bt the owner and custodian of Ripley Castle.