'Police Area

Welcome to the Police area of Trace-in-Metal - the covert/overt deterrent package against metal theft.

Trace-in-Metal are committed to working in partnership with the police and local authority enforcement teams to make sure that our system for preventing metal theft is used to best effect. A informative video that explains how we put partnerships at the centre of our activities is available here

We want to make the Trace-in-Metal system as user friendly as possible for our law enforcement partners, and we have designed our systems specifically to cut down on police resourcing demands. We are very aware of the current pressures being faced by police forces across the UK.

With reference to our Lead Roof Protection system, our unique installation pack includes an MG11 witness statement which outlines the full details of each individual installation, including the identity of the installer and the details of the codes used at the specific sites. It provides all the evidence you need to identify the codes to help with the initial investigation should Trace-in-Metal marked lead be stolen.

The pack also includes advice on providing victim impact statements, crime prevention and crime scene management advice, as well as how to contact local police. The pack is designed to save you time to allow you to get on and investigate the crime, and to charge offenders without having to chase around for primary evidence relating to the installation.

The Trace-in-Metal metal register which records the identities of the unique codes against installation locations is hosted by an ISO27001 certified company. This register is designed to generate an E.Alert should any Trace-in-Metal marked asset be stolen. This alert is sent out to SMD's and local policing teams to help recover the asset and arrest the offenders.

For more details and access to technical data please call 00 44(0) 330 2233014 or email: johnminary@trace-in-metal.com

We are the only property marking system specifically designed to counter metal theft. It is also significant that our main focus is to remove the market for stolen metal. By targeting those dealers still willing to buy stolen metal for profit, we remove the value, raising the risk of arrest and prosecution. 

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