Trace-In-Metal : Preventing The Theft Of Metals, Copper & Cables

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Metal theft, be it lead, copper, aluminium or catalytic converters, is a global curse effecting infrastructure and commerce throughout the world. The electrical industry is particularly at risk be it generation, transmission or distribution levels.

From the power station to the person in the street, black-outs or power outages caused by criminal activity is a serious global problem. In the UK, unscrupulous metal dealers are fueling metal theft, while police operations such as Operation Tornado places an onus on scrap metal dealers to check antecedents of those selling metals, and check metal for markings. The SMD (Scrap Metal Dealers) Act of 2013 strengthens licensing powers and requires SMD's to record distinguishing marks, although how this is policed is open to debate.

Trace-In-Metal provides the ability to audit the path that stolen metals take through the recycling process. This has not been available before – anywhere in the world. Trace-In-Metal can close an existing intelligence gap as well as providing law enforcement with the vital evidence they need to secure a conviction.

Trace-In-Metal works with the SMD Act and wants to support the recycling industry in being able to discriminate between what’s stolen and what’s not.

Trace-In-Metal are able to mark some copper now, using sprays to mark the cable sheath or bare conductors, such as copper earthing tape, busbars, earth straps and cables.

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Trace-in-Metal are proud to work in conjunction with Thorne & Derrick UK who are national distributors and worldwide exporters of Low & High Voltage Cable Installation, Cable Jointing, Hazardous Area & Electrical Equipment – T&D service UK and global businesses involved in cable installations, cable jointing, substation, overhead line and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV. T&D are the UK’s largest stockist supplier of Copper Earthing systems for the electrical industry.

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