'​Marine Commander'​ 

A unique system to deter the theft  of Marine Craft and Outboard Motors. The system involves proprietary sensors which are installed beneath the decking of the leisure craft or on the cover of outboard motors. When an intruder comes onto the craft the sensors beep and flash, the intruder hears the beeping and reads the notice on the cabin door “If you hear beeping the owner of this Yacht knows you are here”, at the same time an SMS text is sent to the owner and if the intruder does not move away a 110 dB siren is activated. 

The sensor on an outboard engine cover detects any attempt to interfere with the engine and again the system starts to beep and flash with the same deterrent result.

The sensors also have a high temperature alert to send a fire alert text and are equipped with a facility to detect rough sea conditions and to alert via text if the craft suffers a sudden micro-storm.

KEY FEATURES / BENEFITS of the ‘Marine Commander’

  • Pro-active alarm – warning off the thief

  • GSM communication capable

  • Temperature sensor

  • Can be linked in to existing alarm system

  •  Alerts before and during theft activity

  • Cuts out 99% of false alarms

  • Can send alert SMS text to up to 10 mobile phones

  • Alerts you of fire 

  • Low installation costs/ long battery life

  • Can be (de)activated from your mobile phone

  • Can be powered via 240V/12V adaptor or 12V solar charged battery

‘Marine Commander’ is Trade Mark application pending.​