'​Roof Commander'​ - The price of lead has increased 64% during the last 12 months. 

Scrabo Security Ltd have developed and manufacture an innovative proactive alarm system. This alarm has been designed to protect church roofs.  ‘Roof Commander’ is a product that works extremely well in unison with the Trace-in-Metal Metal Protection system to provide a complete solution to Lead Theft.

By combining the strengths and innovation of both products, Lead is protected whilst on the roof  and the value of the metal is removed, because the Trace-in-Metal treatment remains with the Lead throughout it's life cycle. 

This creates the ultimate deterrent to thief and dishonest metal recycler.

The ‘Roof Commander’ is fitted internally within a church or building and will notify custodians by sending an SMS alert message to up to 10 mobile devices, as soon as anyone attempts to climb onto a roof. A warning is simultaneously sent to the intruder alerting them that their presence has been detected.

Because the system is fitted internally, maintenance can be carried out routinely and inclement weather and other external influences do not affect the system.

The system is simple to operate and install and can be programmed to ignore times when the building is in use. The system can be both stand alone or can be hard wired into existing alarm systems.

The system also includes a heat sensor and any notable change in temperature within a building will also result in a SMS message being sent to custodians.

This system therefore not only prevents theft, but also warns in case of a fire, the impact of which can be devestating.

Roof Commander is a registered Trade Mark

'Roof Commander' is a police approved 'Secured by Design' product.

KEY FEATURES / BENEFITS of the ‘Roof Commander’

  • Pro-active alarm – warning off the thief
  • GSM communication capable
  • Fire sensor
  • Can be linked in to existing alarm system
  • Alerts before and during theft activity
  • Cuts out 99% of false alarms
  • Can send alert SMS text to up to 10 mobile phones
  • Alerts you of fire 
  • Low installation costs/ long battery life
  • Can be (de)activated from your mobile phone
  • Can be powered via 240V/12V adaptor or 12V solar charged battery
  • Works in unison with Trace-in-Metal to provide a Complete Solution to Lead Theft

‘Roof Commander’ is Trade Mark application pending.​

'Trace-in-Metal' is a Trade Mark