'​Tank Commander​' ​ ®

Fuel Theft is on the increase. Many businesses and homeowners are falling victim to this crime, which is a particular problem in isolated communities. With fuel costs being so high, the contents of an external fuel tank situated in an area of low security can run into many hundreds of pounds. Often thefts take place and are not noticed for some time making these difficult crimes to solve and prevent.

The answer to protecting your fuel tank lies with ‘Tank Commander’ a pro-active alarm system that has been specifically designed to counter Fuel Theft.

‘Tank Commander’ can be fitted in minutes and can be controlled and programmed securely by your mobile phone. Any activity, illegal or otherwise, at your fuel tank will cause the system to send an SMS message to up to 10 mobile devices.

Simultaneously, the ‘Tank Commander’ can sound an alarm at the tank notifying the criminal that their activity has been detected and warning them off the property.

The system can be stand alone or can be hard wired into an existing alarm system. The ‘Tank Commander’ is a police approved ‘Secured by Design’ product and now has many satisfied customers who are benefitting from the peace of mind that their expensive fuel is now protected.

Further information about this award winning product can be found ​HERE

KEY FEATURES / BENEFITS of the ‘Tank Commander’

  • Pro-active alarm – warning off the thief

  • GSM communication capable

  • Fire sensor

  • Can be linked in to existing alarm system

  •  Alerts before and during theft activity

  • Cuts out 99% of false alarms

  • Can send alert SMS text to up to 10 mobile phones

  • Alerts you of fire around the fuel/property

  • Low installation costs/ long battery life

  • Can be (de)activated from your mobile phone

  • Can be powered via 240V/12V adaptor or 12V solar charged battery

Tank Commander is a registered Trade Mark​