Trace-in-Metal - your complete Lead Protection System                          

A 64% increase in the price of Lead is making Lead more attractive to theives

  • Trace-in-Metal microdots are fused into the lead using the company's unique, patented, ballistic-based application technology.

  • Each lead sheet or item is impregnated with hundreds of microdots, each engraved with a code that allows the police to identify the exact source of the lead.

  • Once marked, it is virtually impossible for criminals to identify where the infused microdots are in the lead.

  • Microdots are also painted on the surface of the lead using a weather resistant laquer containing UV dye.

  • Additionally the post-code of the premises is also written onto the marked lead using UV ink.

  • These unique microdots will survive the lead being melted down and are easy to recover without using expensive equipment - and will be traced back to the source of any theft.

  • The microdots can be read using a simple, inexpensive magnifier.

  • Trace-in-Metal Ltd work with dealers and smelters to train and equip them to be able to recover and read the microdots. 

Click here to watch a short video which explains how the Trace-in-Metal Lead Theft Prevention System works. 

Trace-in-Metal Ltd is approved by Trinitas Church Care Insurance (underwritten by Aviva) for use on heritage buildings.