What are Trace-in-Metal microdots?

Each individual microdot features an alpha-numeric code, which is etched through the entire microdot. Each microdot also carries a hologram and they have an amazing resilience to extreme heat. 

Each Trace-in-Metal installation involves deploying thousands of the coded microdots, and the code is recorded against the location of the installation on a database which is held by an ISO27001 certified company. 

Depending on the nature of the installation, the codes are deployed in numerous lacquers based upon the particular assets that are being protected. Uniquely lead assets are also protected using Trace-in-Metal's patented ballistic technology which infuses the microdots into lead sheet and other lead items.

How can Trace-in-Metal microdots be found and how are codes read?

Microdots are supplied suspended in a selection of lacquers, each tailored for various applications with some also containing UV dye.

Finding where thousands of microdots have been applied is a simple case of using a UV torch which will highlight marked areas.

That is not the whole story, because a unique feature of the Trace-in-Metal system is that thousands more microdots will have been deployed onto the asset using non-UV lacquers. These remain with the assets and can still be descovered and traced back to source.  

Once found, the microdots can easily be read using a simple, inexpensive magnifier.