Welcome to TecTRACER – the livestock tracing system. TecTRACER works by marking livestock with thousands of forensic coded microdots that become entangled in fleeces and coats and will trace the animal back to their home farm, should they be stolen. The forensic codes are virtually impossible to remove, yet are easy to recover and read by the police.

The forensic codes are held in a secure database, which will proactively broadcast any theft of livestock to others, such as auction marts, abattoirs and the police. Signage warns off thieves and the system creates a very strong deterrent against theft, which keeps the animals safe.

The marking of livestock in this way is being introduced under Operation Bo Peep! Membership of Operation Bo Peep! allows signage and merchandise to be used in support of the forensic codes that are applied to animals.

Membership of the scheme allows TecTRACER to operate the database and covers the costs involved in maintaining the proactive e.alert system, providing initial perimeter signage and police and stakeholder engagement once the scheme is joined.

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